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In the process of creating content, we often make requests for modification of designs and characters. There are various formats of design data such as PDF, Adobe Illustrator (*.ai) file, rasterized image data, and scanned image data. Conventionally, confirmation of a correction request was performed by a visual inspection individually for each department of the designer or product vendor, resulting in enormous amount of confirmation work. In addition, even if a partial correction request was made, it was necessary to reconfirm the whole part to confirm that another part was not mistakenly corrected…

Excellent version software such as subversion and git has been developed and used for version control of text information such as source code of documents and programs, and while the site of text content production has dramatically improved efficiency, There was no suitable tool for version control. Since image information has various formats and there are various production processes such as leaflets, packages, Web contents, etc., tools for managing these processes have become unique specifications of the industry and each company. At the printing manufacturing site, the use of a plate inspection system has been advanced in order to streamline such comparison work, but there was a problem in terms of cost performance when applied to the entire site of content production.

The proofrog comparison function is equipped with simple image comparison and character comparison by OCR. In addition to finding simple differences by image difference processing, we have developed a new comparison technology that makes it possible to proofread text information and proofread image information. In addition, the files to be calibrated are managed in time series, and the corrected parts and defective parts of each version are displayed in an easy-to-understand and simple manner. Not only the same file but also design data of different file formats can be used, so it is possible to streamline the comparison work for design data created between various departments.

Do you have any problems with this?

I accidentally submitted an old version

Do you manage contents by adding a date to the file name? If managed by the system, the difference between each version is obvious. It keeps a good history of your activity so you can track who did what.

It takes time for approval of all parties involved!

It is very important to confirm the final draft even when the submission deadline is corrected. Emails and groupware are automatically notified of changes in the designer, and you can start checking immediately. If you use the collaboration function, you can add comments to the confirmation manuscript and support quick and reliable submission while communicating in real time with everyone involved.

Checking the correction results is difficult!

After confirming and approving only the correction request, it was revealed that another part had changed. Do you have any experience?  The person in charge of confirmation had to bear the risk that parts other than the ones that should be corrected have changed, or that some parts are out of date. It is possible to confirm the corrected part by both image difference and character difference. You can prevent communication problems and concentrate on the original calibration work with peace of mind.

Check two design changes at a glance

Red-blue display comparison

Calibration mistakes due to lack of communication!

You can share your own design files with other users. When a new file is added, it will be notified to the sharing destination, which is useful for communication between the designer and the client. You can also perform image comparison and character comparison at the shared recipients, but you cannot download the original files. When the design you want is completed, you can be sure to upload only the final draft data.