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With high precision and high definition printing inspection technology
Deepening the ASEAN market

High-precision, high-definition print quality inspection by image processing has traditionally been extremely difficult. The common sense was overturned by the Navitas Vision Solution (NVS), which developed image processing software with a unique inspection algorithm and delivered 1,000 units in September last year. It used to be a representative office, but in 2019, parent company Navitas established Thai subsidiary Navitas Thailand. We have made a full-scale development of the ASEAN market including Thailand. We talked about the movement of the ASEAN market and future directions.

Introduction of image inspection system expanded in 5 years

Special printing machine manufacturer Navitas established its local subsidiary Navitas Thailand in January 2019. So far in Thailand, Navitas Vision Solution (NVS) has established a representative office in 2011, where a unit that has been involved in print quality inspection by image processing within Navitas was spun off to open up the market for image inspection systems. However, from this year, Navitas Thailand will work to strengthen product sales and customer support.

Dirt and faintness of small letters, numbers and symbols printed on various products such as automobiles, motorcycles, parts of home appliances, medical and cosmetic bottles, industrial label stickers, etc., thick and thin letters, chips, pinholes etc. NVS inspection equipment, which combines image-processing software that detects images with cameras and PCs, is growing in sales in Japan. The system in which a group of engineers absorbs customer needs and customizes without a sales force is highly evaluated.

NVS’s entry into Thailand five years ago was to find out how well the functions and prices of our image inspection system could be used in Thailand and other ASEAN countries. Not only in Thailand, but also in Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, etc. In addition to high inspection accuracy, efforts to improve software so that even beginners and field personnel who do not have computer knowledge can easily use it will lead to market development, and a Japanese Chinese company with a factory in ASEAN. And there were a lot of hiring from local customers.

With the high needs of the ASEAN market and strong response over the past five years, we have finally set up a Thai subsidiary. The purpose is to develop the ASEAN market in earnest.

Growing ASEAN label and seal market

ASEAN mainly focuses on two markets.

The first is the market for labels and stickers such as automobiles, motorcycles and pharmaceuticals. The cautions and emission control labels when the airbag pops out are called “caution labels” and even the smallest print defects are unacceptable. Because it will lead to an accident. It is no exaggeration to say that labels and stickers are one of the car parts. The same applies to drug labels.

NVS was a latecomer in this field, but it is equipped with a unique inspection algorithm, and is highly evaluated for its highly accurate function of stably selecting good products as good products just like the human eye, based on the same criteria. Many of the major label seal manufacturers in Japan use our products. In addition, the world’s leading inspection equipment manufacturers in the United States, Europe and other countries have also made considerable achievements in this market, but these systems cannot cope with misregistration (print misalignment due to plate variations), resulting in overdetection. However, there are many cases in which the inspection accuracy must be compromised. Our company has a great advantage in being able to inspect with high accuracy without over-detection, even if there is such misregistration, misalignment, and plate variation.

Aiming at cosmetic bottle molding manufacturers

Another area of focus is cosmetics. Glossy letters are printed on cosmetic bottles, and gold and silver are often used, but due to the characteristics of products that require beauty, slight deviations and stains are fatal defects. Cosmetics manufacturers have a strong need for high-precision inspection equipment that detects small defects of 0.15 mm and 0.2 mm, and are putting great effort into print quality inspection, so it can be said that the market for which we can expect great demand for our products. I will.

A major Japanese bottle molding manufacturer has opened a factory near a Japanese cosmetics manufacturer that is expanding into ASEAN to reduce costs, fill locally and store products locally. At such factories, it is impossible for local people to read Japanese, so only image processing is possible. This is exactly where our products come into play. Against the backdrop of the cosmetics market, which is showing remarkable growth, we would like to contribute to improving the printing quality of cosmetics bottles with our unique inspection technology.

Until now, NVS had a composition of 20 to 30% of cosmetics and more than 50% of non-cosmetic labels and stickers. The Japanese cosmetics market is doing very well, and I think it is quite possible to raise the cosmetics number further.

Base for transmitting All Navitas products

Navitas Thailand also plays the role of the Navitas Group as a base for ASEAN. Until now, it was a representative office of an inspection equipment company, but in the future, we will also handle the printing machine itself handled by Navitas and ink as a consumable agent.

In other words, Navitas Thailand is a base for transmitting All Navitas products from Thailand. As with Navitas Vietnam, which we already established five years ago, we are not manufacturing anything in Thailand, we are focusing on the function of a trading company, and if we have good products, we are considering pulling them from countries other than Japan.

In Japan, as a new market, in addition to cardboard, inspection equipment for gravure, business forms, and blanks (printed cardboard punched out in a box shape) is performing well.

The response to the NVS inspection equipment in each market is high, and the number of units sold has already exceeded 1,000 including domestic and overseas.

The market for cardboard and blanks is still unknown in ASEAN, but it is certain that it will increase in the future. Digital processing of printing is our territory and the ring. We will strive to solve customer problems speedily while keeping an eye on the playing field in which our own characteristics can live, and in 2019 we will set the year as a launch year for Navitas to grow significantly into a global company including the European market. Please leave us a high-precision, high-definition print quality inspection in Thailand and the ASEAN region.