Model V-08 LCL/RU


A small floor type hot stamping machine for the outer circumference of a circumferential plastic container. This machine, which consists of a heating plate that moves up and down and a rotating jig that reciprocates horizontally, is ideal for producing small lots. A flat corrosion plate can be used for engraving and the jig can be processed in one set, so it is low cost. Can be produced. Processes other than attaching and detaching processed products are automatically performed. Since it is driven by a motor, stamping can be performed under stable conditions without uneven speed due to temperature changes in the morning and day. The machine memorizes and executes the optimum transfer conditions with sequencer control. Operability has been improved by adopting a touch panel. We have adopted a mechanical design that emphasizes the operator. In addition, the energy loss is prevented with an energy-saving design that effectively transfers the heat of the heater to the hot platen and does not let it escape to the outside. As a result, electricity consumption has been reduced by 30% when idling. Furthermore, by applying a special treatment to the hot platen, the radiant heat is reduced and the foil immediately before the stamp is prevented from burning.

  • The temperature band that can be processed can be set.
  • When the hot platen temperature exceeds the set upper and lower limit values, an alarm sounds and the machine stops to prevent defective products.
  • It has a function to suppress exceeding the set temperature. (Prevent overshoot)
  • Adopting PID control enables more accurate temperature control.
  • The optimum processing conditions (stamp time, foil feed time, foil feed delay time) can be saved up to 10 patterns. The data can be called up immediately when the next work is started.
  • A general-purpose sequencer is used for control, making it easy to change programs and support in-line.